Author: GaryGardiner

Papal Selfies and 27 Cases in 1987

Wire service and newspaper photographers covering the Pope’s trip in 1987 shot film. Lots of film. All of it color. Someone had to process the film, make prints, and transmit the photos back to the newspapers or to AP photo editors in New York and Washington. Darkroom duties fell to several groups of AP staffers and stringers who leapfrogged across the country arriving in each city ahead of the Pope and carrying enough darkroom equipment and photo transmitters to quickly process as many as 50 rolls of film at a time and transmit color photos to multiple newspapers at once.

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“The Bedsheet Shenanigans of the KKK…” – Gardiner Archive

This story was published July 30, 1972, in “Florida,” the Sunday magazine of the Orlando Sentinel. Reporter Tom Fiedler and I had been visiting Klan events and members working on a story about its recent resurgence in Central Florida.

The most visible action the Klan took was a parade in full KKK garb down the main streets of Lakeland, Fla. It was the first of several trips to the area Tom and I made to photograph and interview Klansmen and their families.

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