Gary Gardiner – Photographer



“It doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be right!”

“How do I use this to my advantage?”

“Figure it out!”



Westerville Man Makes His Community His Canvas

Westerville Man Makes His Community His Canvas Each day, Gary Gardiner suits up, hops on his bike and finds a masterpiece. He is working to live up to an idea born in his retirement. Shortly after his career as a photographer with the Associated Press ended, Gardiner had a close encounter with a truck.

Photographer Gary Gardiner documents life in Westerville with image a day since 2004

A brush with death led Gary Gardiner to one of the most meaningful projects of his life. Twelve years ago, Gardiner – two weeks into retirement after a decades-long career as a news photographer – was in his car at a stoplight.

Gary Gardiner: My Final Photo | Broad and High | PBS

Gary Gardiner is a retired news photographer who spent more than 40 years with The AP…

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Heart of Ohio – Sep/Oct 2015

Learn about new ways to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather in the heart of Ohio.

Westerville365 Spring 2016

Westerville365 Spring 2016

Poem: Examples of Justice -New York Times

The distance between poet and poem is wonderfully, sometimes perilously, elastic. This shrewd poem’s particularness creates an intimacy that feels both personal and social. I wouldn’t call the details universal, I would call them recognizable.

Explaining Bob and Understanding Myself

One day I brought Bob a copy of Time magazine with a cover story about golf becoming a global phenomenon. Knowing Bob’s affection for the sport I offered it as a way of showing my understanding of his pleasures. And, perhaps to soften him up a bit.

The Moments Within and Without

The Moments Within, and Without   The morning was bright, the beginning of a warm spring day. The promise of new life. The light was perfect. A tree branch's curve followed the tree-line across the small meadow. It's shadow etched a dark frame along the edge of the...

What Happened When a Southern Airways Flight 242 Crashed in Sadie Burkhalter’s Front Yard

My photo from the crash illustrates a Smithsonian Magazine story about the impact on the people who lived on the country road where it happened. Still in the first month of my probationary period at The AP and alone in the office, it was the event that signaled “Welcome to The AP” for me. I passed probation this day. Next time you see me ask about the plywood sitting in front of this house.