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A photo a day since November 15, 2004.  If I died in my sleep this was it.
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Late hay cut and baling delayed by rains

Farmer at the Braun Farm at Cooper Rd. and Cleveland Ave. rakes hay before trying to complete baling before another series of storms brings rain to the fields further complicating the harvest.

Holmes Hotel grungy and vintage

The Holmes Hotel in Uptown Westerville on a cloudy, rainy day. An iPhone photo massaged with multiple apps for this grungy, vintage look.

Generations PAC dancers rehearsals

Tiny dancer watches from the front of the audience. My favorite photo from today’s Generations PAC rehearsals. Always love to shoot these young athletes learning to dance, meet lifelong friends, and the benefits of theater performance. Thanks to Generations for letting me hang around.

Boring day for core samples along Alum Creek – July 2, 2015

Boring crews drill for core samples in the lowland between Cooper Road and Alum Creek for possible construction of apartments and mixed use development.

This area and the fields bordering the Braun Farm barn on Cleveland Ave. are under discussion for development, perhaps as another medical complex with a senior rehabilitation center as its anchor.

Farmers Market fresh foods

One of my photos from today’s Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. Their were onions and garlic galore, fresh first of the season green beans, and good times.

Also in this post is construction of a new sidewalk in front of the Church of the Messiah and a video shoot for a possible John Kasich presidential campaign.

My first newspaper photo

I well remember my first day as a photographer at the Orlando Sentinel. I’d spent several days with what was then call the personnel department and I’d received instructions on the photo department equipment, paperwork, and procedures from my news boss, Gene Blythe. I’d been issued my cameras, lenses, and a flash and arrived fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed ready for work. I arrived that morning in a typical central Florida rain storm, windy, wet, and slightly worried about my performance for the day. Blythe tossed me a brick of Ektachrome and told me to go find a weather feature. (A brick of film is 20 boxed rolls sealed in clear plastic.) No other instructions other than to make sure I got back in time for the early afternoon color film run and the news editor was looking for a front page photo. It must have been a very slow news day if my weather photo was intended for page one. No pressure. First day on the job. Shoot for the front page. Find a weather feature in a new city whose streets and avenues were not all that familiar. Not a problem. I don’t remember why I went to Winter Park although I suspect it was because I knew it was a tree-lined shopping district with a great variety of stores and restaurants. That meant that even on a rainy day there would be a good number of people and hopefully one or two of them would make a great feature photo. It didn’t take long after parking for me to discover what would become my first newspaper photo and...

Gary Gardiner - Photographer


Retired news photographer who spent more than 40 years with The Associated Press, the Ft. Lauderdale News, and the Orlando Sentinel. Continuing to shoot every day.

Knights Inn demolished

There is little left of the Knights Inn on Heatherdown at State Street after a demolition crew knocked down the buildings and began carrying off the demolished motel that once stood as a greeting at the city’s gateway to I-270.
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Braun Farm Barn

The red barn on the Braun Farm property is one of the oldest farm icons in Westerville. Plans for the farm include a senior home, offices, and buildings for Otterbein University.

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How I spent my Friday

Some days are much better than others but for a typical news photographer’s feature hunt there is no better illustration than what I shot yesterday.

All that is missing from a normal day is an assignment to shoot a portrait and a spot news event.

This is what I did for 45 years. And, some of which I continue to do today.

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Florida Road Trip

Just returned from a road trip to Florida where we celebrated the life of Tim Adams, my brother-in-law who died too young at 63.

Recently retired after teaching school and coaching for 39 years, Tim was praised and mourned by more than 400 people who attended services at the First Baptist church in Gainesville.

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How I keep myself busy

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My Final Photo

If I died in my sleep this was it.

A photo a day since Nov. 15, 2004.

Hoover Reservoir, flower, cosmos, wildfloer, shore, pink, fog, blossom,

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Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market

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