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Cops & Kids Day Photo Gallery

Updated My Final Photo post on Tumblr to include the other photos I shot at Cops & Kids Day. This is always a fun day although it does get a little warm on the asphalt and walking to remote sections to look for something different than what I normally see when in the middle of the event.

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Just an Acorn

This scrawny little oak on East Schrock, set upon by being transplanted into a harsh environment of concrete and asphalt, moistened only by rainwater that falls into it brick-covered ground surface and snow piles high from plows clearing away the salty coverings on the street still found the energy and purpose to create acorns.

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Yes, Deep-Fried Barbecue Ribs

One day near July 4th for the past 15 years there’s a party on Timberbank Lane. It’s main food attraction is barbecued ribs prepared by about 10 chefs each hoping that their choice of ribs, rub, sauce, and preparation will win the title of The Rib King of Timberbank Lane.

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Fourth of July Salute – My Final Photo

I’ve never attempted, with great expectation, shooting this with a wide-angle usually because the background does little to contribute to the story that makes the photograph important enough that it can become a personal marker challenging me to be better next time or as a discovery of a new way to see an ordinary event.

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