This is Mark standing at the bed of his truck parked in the open doorway of the barn where he stores hay and farm equipment.

I usually don’t get to see him this time of year. The harvest is complete. Most of the hay was moved into other barns and farm equipment moved inside to hide it from winter’s harsh treatment. It’s rare when he visits the barn on the suburban plat of land he leases miles from his home. Today he spent about 20 minutes cleaning his truck of debris, detritus, and remains deposited from the summer crops.

Natural light portrait in the barn door.

It would have taken less time if he hadn’t paused to talk with me about the last several months, his family and health, the farm, and his scraggly beard.

Before he left, I asked him to move into the light of the doorway for a portrait. He’s always obliged me with a portrait request and never asked me to put the camera away. It’s always at my side but rarely at my eye unless a moment like this presents itself.

Mark told me today after several years of allowing me to shoot there are few photos of him in the family albums. He doesn’t like to have his picture taken and didn’t really understand why I wanted his.

With his honesty, character, work ethic, and scraggly beard, he’s a natural subject. A subject that people would want to meet and talk with. Hopefully this photo helps increase that desire.