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Photos of the year – 2018

Capturing the most compelling moments of 2018

These photographers captured the human drama in the most compelling stories of 2018, including desperate Honduran migrants confronted by Mexican riot police, wounded protesters at the Gaza border, Syria war victims rescued from rubble, and pile-on victory celebrations at the World Cup in Russia.

Wedding Photos

61 of the best wedding photos taken in 2018

Every two months, Fearless Awards are given to photographers who have taken exceptional wedding photos. The award recipients are chosen by a panel of experts from Fearless Photographers, an online search platform that helps engaged couples find photographers in their area. Throughout 2018, more than 800 wedding photos were awarded.

Earth and Sky

EarthSky’s most popular photos of 2018 |

Wow! Huge thanks to the EarthSky community for all the images you’ve contributed this year. Here are some of 2018’s most popular photos. 2018’s New Year’s supermoon: It was a great way to start 2018! The year started with a full moon that happened also to be the year’s closest and brightest supermoon.

Voice of America Photos of the Year

The Year in Photos of 2018

A look at some of the best news photos from around the world in the year 2018.

BBC Photos of the Year

Of the Trillion Photos Taken in 2018, Which Were the Most Memorable?

What makes some images memorable and others easily forgotten? It’s a question I’ve been studying for nearly 20 years. With so many in circulation, it’s difficult for any single photo to capture our attention and become a famed iconic image.

BBC Photos of the Year

Striking photojournalism from around the world

The BBC News picture team selects the most arresting images by photojournalists in 2018

Associated Press Photos of the Year

Images of 2018: AP photographers capture a world in motion

A human tide of would-be Americans, rolling toward the border. Rockets streaking across the darkness over Damascus. Students fleeing a gunman at a Florida high school, their hands raised in the air. AP photographers were there to record a world in constant motion in 2018.

Associated Press – Year in Review – Stories and Photos

2018 – The Year in Review

Deadliest shooting at an American high school: Parkland, Florida. Deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century: Paradise, California. Deadliest attack on Jews in American history: Pittsburgh. The cities of Parkland, Paradise and Pittsburgh became synonymous with tragedy in 2018, a year …

Swim-Swam Best Underwater Photos

Best Underwater Swimming Photos of 2018

2018 was a truly exciting year in our sport which led to the creation of some interesting imagery. Once again, we did an end of year sit down with swimming photographer Mike Lewis and mined his photo library for our favorite underwater swimming shots from the past year.

Offbeat Photos of the Year

Yearender 2018: Offbeat Photos of the Year 2018

Offbeat Photos of the Year 2018. Take a look at the pictures…

Roll Call

22 Images That Defined 2018 in Congress: Photos of the Year

1. FEBRUARY 7: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks with reporters as she leaves the House chamber in the Capitol after holding her filibuster focusing on DACA for eight-plus hours. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) 2018 is wrapping up on the Hill, while uncertainty remains on federal funding for much of the government in fiscal 2019.

New York Times – 13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018

13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018

Lens published reports from all corners of the earth this year, often by photographers working within their own communities. We covered the effects of conflict and violence both internationally and in our own backyard, and have also shown intimate photo essays of personal love, loss and triumph.

Denver Post

2018 year in photos: The best pictures from The Denver Post

Presented here is a selection of the best photos of 2018 from The Denver Post photo staff. Of the many thousands of images that Denver Post photojournalists record each year, only a fraction make it to readers’ eyes either in print or online.

Most important satellite images

The most important satellite images from 2018

In 2018, 106 rockets left Earth’s atmosphere carrying over 120 satellites in total. They joined the ranks of the already 1,768 orbiting instruments relaying communications, studying stars, and looking back down at earth. With more satellites comes more frequent views of the Earth, making it simpler than ever to track and report on world events.

Best Science Pictures – Nature

The best science images of the year: 2018 in pictures

2018 will go down in history as a scorcher: deadly wildfires and droughts raged from California to Cape Town. The year also brought advances in cloning and imaging – and a bleak reminder of the fragility of some of Earth’s rarest species.

Fast Company Natural Disasters

These photos capture the devastation of a year of natural disasters

The secret to capturing powerful photographs of natural disasters is to combine two perspectives. [“You have] to provide a sense of scale, but also to humanize it because it’s not just about the destruction to the things, it’s about the effect on the people,” says Pancho Bernasconi, the vice president of editorial at Getty Images.

MIT Technology Review

Our best photographs of 2018

In 2018, we featured photographs from around the world, from a refugee camp in Jordan that runs on blockchain to a quantum satellite network on a rooftop in Beijing. We took you to Phoenix and showed how Waymo is transforming a city, and then to Quebec, where bitcoin mining is threatening to overwhelm the power grid.

US News & World Report

The Year in Photos 2018

June 25 | Tapachula, Mexico | Sonya Matamoros holds her son outside of the Casa Belen shelter for migrants. The mother of four says she fled Honduras with her family when her brother-in-law was killed in front of her husband by members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang.


Pictures of the Year: Part 1 (January to June 2018)

Bomb cyclones, earthquakes, mass demonstrations and even awkward handshakes-the first half of 2018 may seem like a century ago, but it birthed a number of moments which are still etched into our collective memory. The year started off with the U.S. east coast battling heavy snow, freezing temperatures and road blockages to return to work after the Christmas period.

Business Insider Nature Photos

The most gorgeous wildlife photos of 2018 shine a light on nature’s bizarre and wonderful beauty

Breathtaking photos of the natural world can bring attention to crises, highlight important environmental issues, or simply fascinate us as they reveal the world’s bizarre and beautiful creatures. Eye-catching images of animals can also garner photographers fame and some fortune. Each year, the Natural History Museum in London crowns one lucky camera-holder Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Indy Car Series – Photographer’s Choices

Through Our Lenses: Best INDYCAR photos of 2018, Volume 1

Our INDYCAR Photography team takes a final look through the lenses at the 2018 Verizon IndyCar Series season from the preseason testing through the INDYCAR Grand Prix


The Best Jalopnik Photography of 2018

Cars are one of the most easily photographed things on the planet, so we at Jalopnik took full advantage of that fact this year. After all, what’s driving a car or going to an event without the photos to show for it? Here’s the best Jalopnik photography of 2018.

New York Times Famous Photographs of Fabulous People

Famous Photographs of Fabulous People

One of the most satisfying memes of the last few years celebrates macaroni and cheese. Someone on social media will write “I made him mac and cheese …” or some such and share a revolting photo of a gelatinous dish of gray noodle slop. Then everyone will freak out and pile on.

Magnum Photos

2018 Pictures of the Year * Magnum Photos

The great diversity of practices and the variety of subject matter tackled by Magnum photographers around the world is succinctly conveyed here, in the collective’s images of the year.

The Star Tribune

Photos of the year 2018

From communities facing tragedy to festive moments, our photographers covered it all.

Los Angeles Times

Fire, floods, caravan and a super blue blood moon | 2018 Year in Pictures

2018 was no stranger to images – moving, captivating, intriguing – that caused you to pause and reflect. Wildfires, immigration, homelessness, a mass shooting and a super blue blood moon eclipse were among events that dominated the headlines. Here’s a look, in pictures, at the year gone by.

The Atlantic

2018 in Photos: Wrapping Up the Year

Time to take a look back at some of the most memorable events and images of 2018. Among the events covered in this essay, part 3 of 3: midterm congressional elections in the United States, hurricanes and typhoons in Asia and North America, Brazil’s election of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro as its new president, and much more.

Top 25 News Photos of 2018

We near the end of another eventful year. Wildfires raged across California, the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy toward immigrants led to family separations, relations between North and South Korea eased a bit, a horrific school shooting in Florida touched off a nationwide gun-control protest and debate, France won the World Cup in Moscow, Britain’s Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle, the U.S.

The Boston Globe

The year 2018 in pictures: Part I – The Boston Globe

Photographs from January to June on a range of topics from around the world. See images from Part II

The year 2018 in pictures: Part II – The Boston Globe

Photographs from July to December on a range of topics from around the world. See images from Part I


Pictures of the year 2018 | Pictures | Reuters

A child sleeps in a bag in the village of Beit Sawa, eastern Ghouta, Syria, March 15. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki


2018: The year in pictures

See the photos that shaped 2018 in news, entertainment and sports

New York Times

New York Times – The Year in Pictures 2018

Scroll left and right to explore the image NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY is often meant to be consumed instantly, on paper, on our screens, in endless scrolling feeds. It tells us what the world looks like right at a given moment.

Washington Post

Washington Post – What the year’s best photos tell us about 2018

Across the country and around the globe, 2018 was a year of enduring complex conflicts. The effects of climate change escalated natural disasters, and the uniquely American cycle of gun violence continued. Yet disparate communities still found ways to connect. A royal wedding brought two nations together. There were trials and elections.


The Most Powerful Moments in Photojournalism in 2018

From handmaids to yellow vests, from war to joyful progress, these are the most significant news photographs of the year.



Each year, the TIME photography staff has the privilege of working with photographers around the globe who are on the front-lines of the world’s most important stories. These stories range from major international conflicts to intimate small-town narratives. In each case, TIME strives to commission photographers who can create an artful and impactful visual narrative, and give readers an honest glimpse into experiences vastly different than their own.