On the road for four days

RIP Tim Adams

RIP Tim Adams

Just returned from a road trip to Florida where we celebrated the life of Tim Adams, my brother-in-law who died too young at 63.

Recently retired after teaching school and coaching for 39 years, Tim was praised and mourned by more than 400 people who attended services at the First Baptist church in Gainesville.

Tim’s greatest attribute was his ability to make friends with anyone, even the ones he regularly disagreed with. Listening to stories of his mediator role as the center person in a three person morning run helped you better know the man who many thought settled for less than what he could have achieved.

But Tim’s achievements are measured by the number of student athletes, coaches, politicians, family, ministers, and friends who came to his services.

The better measure is how many of them mourned because it is now more difficult for them to become better people without Tim leading the way and mediating the difficulties.

RIP Tim Adams.