The Four Wisdoms of Photography

Classes about Science, Art, Philosophy, & Religion of Photography

Four classes at the Westerville Public Library featuring photographer Gary Gardiner

Week One – Science
Thursday, Jan. 4, 2019

So you got a new camera for Christmas. Now what?

You’ve probably discovered you are in an abusive relationship with your camera and it is in charge of your photo life. All is not loss. There is hope.

This class will help you understand the meaning and purpose for all those dials, menus, and numbers on your camera. It will bring you closer to being an equal or perhaps superior participant in your photography. Bring your camera, your manual, pad and paper, and a strong desire to take control of your photo life.

Using the Scientific Method instead of wildly experimenting you’ll learn to confidently tell your admirers your f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length setting when they gush over your photos.

Week Two – Art

Thursday, February 7, 2019

“I know it when I see it. I just can’t explain why.”

First you’ve got to know the rules. Rules are very important and even when they are violated there is purpose in the action.

The Rule of Thirds. Everybody’s favorite rule. It can be your best friend. Or you can say “thanks” and move on to a better idea.

This class will help you begin to understand composition, timing, and light. There’s also things like backgrounds, depth of field, foreground objects, receding lines, s-curves, framing devices, the inverse ratio for lighting, high and low key, and Photoshop.

Bring your laptop and any photo editing software you use. We will edit together to make the best art possible.

Week Three – Philosophy

Thursday, March 7, 2019

“I’ve got a story to tell and it’s important enough to make photographs.”

This class will help you gain better knowledge and value about the reality of making photographs.

You only make five different photographs from any scene. The first one is simple. The fifth one can be exceptionally complex. It can also be the best you’ve ever done. And become simpler each time.

Learn how to look at every scene with a desire to make every exposure count and every exposure be better than the previous one.

This isn’t difficult but it can be complex. We’ll work through learning how to observe your subject, looking for the precise moment when you can make the best photo.

You don’t need to bring anything but your enthusiasm for success and a better photo life.

Week Four – Religion

Thursday, April 4, 2019

“How I faithfully made a photo a day for more than 14 years. Or, how to commit to making photography and visual storytelling part of your daily life.”

Each photograph tells two stories. One is about your subject. It’s time specific, capturing a brief moment in someone’s life, showing their experience for a fraction of a second. It show an important part of their life.

The second story is cumulative. It’s the photographer’s story. Longer and more complex than “What I did on my summer vacation,” it can show a lifetime of emotions, action, experiences, success, failure, loves, and desires. It can be the more important aspect of your photography putting purpose to your actions.

This class will help you begin to tell the story of your life using everything learned in the first three classes. There will be a few new tricks learned from a lifetime of working as a news photographer.

Bring your camera, pad and pen, and laptop for the full experience.