Family in rear of police transport van during Cops & Kids Day in Westerville

Family in rear of police transport van get a photo taken by a police officer during Cops & Kids Day in Westerville.

Updated My Final Photo post on Tumblr to include the other photos I shot at Cops & Kids Day. This is always a fun day although it does get a little warm on the asphalt and walking to remote sections to look for something different than what I normally see when in the middle of the event.

The Ohio National Guard Blackhawk was new this year and resulted in two photos. 

Finally had a fair perspective on the crowd after climbing into the sheriff’s dive team vehicle for a higher angle than normal. Still not as good as I’d like to find so will keep trying each year. Thinking about going to the site a day early and chaining a large stepladder to a nearby tree so I can get a better angle. Maybe next year. Or the next.