Sept. 16, 2013

One of the locations discussed at last week’s Imagine Westerville planning workshops included the parcels of land along Cooper Road from Cleveland Avenue to the bike path that connects to Alum Creek.

Acres along Collegeview are owned by Otterbein University which will, in planning with the city, develop the land for its use.

The city planning commission has already heard several plans for the largest parcel behind the red barn that faces Cleveland Ave. and is the most prominent of the two buildings on the property. The house fell into disrepair when its owners moved to another home.

The barn continues to be used to store hay for the Otterbein Equine Center. The hay is harvested several times each summer from its acreage on the farm.

There are several bee hives beneath the walnut trees between the house and barn that continue to provide a hardy harvest for their owner despite the dangers of mites and colony collapse disorder.

I photograph the farm at least once a week. Sometimes the photos are great. Sometimes they are just another selection of photos in a weekly history of the property.

Below is a gallery of some of those photos from the last couple of years,