Month: July 2019

Wayne Williams Trial Redux – Archive

With the anniversary of the Wayne Williams trial beginning 40 years ago this month some of my old photos of the story are resurfacing. Among those is this one of a grieving mother at her son’s funeral. I covered a number of funerals during the child murders and was always more than happy to be told the family didn’t want photographers in the church. It was possible to get good, storytelling photos from across the street. Most of the principals in the continuing story knew the photographers and allowed us good access when required.

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1973 Gas Crisis – Gardiner Archive

It’s a few years since the oil crisis of 1973 when I shot this photo of cars lining up at a gas station on Davie Blvd. at I-95 in Ft. Lauderdale. That being said, all I can think of when looking at this photo  is wondering about the price of all these cars on the vintage and restored auto market. I’ll take the Mustang and the VW.

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