Fall Leaves and Fall Vegetables

Wednesday was a very wet day soaking both the fall leaves and tomatoes on display at the Wednesday Farmers Market in Westerville

Coworking Construction

Construction at Envoy’s Elevate Office co-working building across the street from the Renaissance Hotel.

The price I paid for a photo

What made this photo so difficult wasn’t the promise to my wife, or having to stand in and near late¬†afternoon traffic on Sunbury Road. Qfm96 was playing “Free Bird.” I gave up “Free Bird” to make photos of the Westerville Electric crew installing Hendrix cable. I gave up Lynyrd Skynyrd for a photo.

Westerville Common

Everyone stood in the same shadow last night. The shadow of governance, politics, policy, opinion, and decisions. The meeting chamber inside city hall serves many purposes. At least twice a month Westerville city council holds public meetings to decide law and proclaim the city’s greatness. Once a week a magistrate determines justice for accused offenders during Mayor’s Court. Wednesday night it was the planning commission.

Explaining Bob and Understanding Myself

One day I brought Bob a copy of Time magazine with a cover story about golf becoming a global phenomenon. Knowing Bob’s affection for the sport I offered it as a way of showing my understanding of his pleasures. And, perhaps to soften him up a bit.

The Moments Within and Without

There’s a constant for photographers. It’s waiting, patiently watching, knowing where to stand, where to look. To know the right place. To know that the moment will happen. It always does.

What Happened When a Southern Airways Flight 242 Crashed in Sadie Burkhalter’s Front Yard

My photo from the crash illustrates a Smithsonian Magazine story about the impact on the people who lived on the country road where it happened. Still in the first month of my probationary period at The AP and alone in the office, it was the event that signaled “Welcome to The AP” for me. I passed probation this day. Next time you see me ask about the plywood sitting in front of this house.