Give me more cable, charge me less, pay me to use the service

Give me more cable, charge me less, pay me to use the service

Just finished a change in service phone call with Time Warner. It was very strange.

Was looking to see if there was a way to cut the bill as I’ve had several friends who pay less than I do. Been a customer since 1982, satisfied most of the time, and looking to lower costs in my retirement years.

I did. Cut it by almost a third. How?


Added phone service. That’s right. I lowered my bill by agreeing to a package that allowed me to keep everything I have now (no premium channels) with a lower bill and VOIP home phone.

So, when I suggested that, as a long-time customer, I’d like to order everything Time Warner offered so they could lower my bill with each incremental additional service to the point where they would be paying me to use the cable, all I got was a “you must be nuts” kind of laugh.

Indeed, I may be nuts but there is a logic to my request. Buy more products. Pay less for the collection.

Wait. Maybe I was talking about the stock photography business, not cable.

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